About Balanceability


Balanceability is the UK’s first and only accredited ‘learn to cycle’ scheme programme for children from the age of 2½ upwards.

The courses (1 and 2 depending on child’s age) will develop spatial awareness, confidence, dynamic balance and the skills to ride a bicycle without stabilisers.

The fun way to teach your child to ride!

“We need to develop confidence & cycling skills at the earliest stage for our youngest children & Balanceability is specifically designed to deliver this” – Chris Boardman MBE

Teaching your child to ride is a milestone but if it is proving difficult for any reason we are here to help. According to research (MORI, 2011) Half of the UK’s children are unable to ride a bike by the age of 6 and 45% of parents have less than 17 minutes per day to teach their child new skills like riding a bike.

The course is made up of two levels for older and younger riders – see course details page. For both levels of course we use a combination of balance and agility games and balance bikes. The programme promotes balance which is the fundamental skill required to ride. Gross motor skills are developed along with spatial awareness and bilateral co-ordination.

The children learn well within a group and you will be surprised how fast your child picks up the skills and techniques that establish fundamental balance, core stability and the confidence to ride.

“The Balanceability programme offers children a great opportunity to become competent cyclists at an early age through the development of balance and control. The programme is made up of progressive learning experiences, with fun ways to learn to cycle on balance bikes. This programme is a foundation for cyclists of the future, through which young children can practise and achieve the balance needed to ride a bicycle but without the encumbrance of pedals.” Patricia Maude MBE, lecturer in physical education at Homerton College, University of Cambridge and author of Physical Children, Active Teaching and learning.

The encouragement of exercise in early childhood is an excellent way to promote a healthy lifestyle and habits. This will allow for a greater interest in activity and an opportunity to promote an active lifestyle at the earliest possible stage.