Who is the course for?

The course is for children who want to cycle and would like to learn in a safe and fun environment with other children.

My child is a bit older can they join in ?

Yes children of all ages can join in whether they have had difficulty in learning in the past or not.

How young can a child be?

All children are different. For the level 1 course children need to be able to take a bit of instruction and be able to take turns. We take your advice on the maturity of your child but as a guideline no younger than 2 and a half.

I’m not sure if my child is a level 1 or 2?

You know your child the best if they are older yet cautious or lacking in confidence then they may benefit from the level 1 course before they go on to the level 2. If they are younger but have been riding a balance bike and are raring to go then we would say come along to the level 2 courses.

They can ride with stabilisers can they still join in?

Yes! Often children get stuck on stabilisers and find it difficult to summon up the courage to ride without them. We don’t use stabilisers and do not advocate their use as they are often counterproductive.

Can parents join in with the course?

We love parents to join in with the sessions after all it is a milestone in your child’s development which you will want to be part of.

Can I practice with my child at home?

Of course – your child will master the skills more quickly and be even more keen to get peddling.

I have a younger sibling can I bring them along to the session?

Safety is paramount in our sessions so as long as they are not running in front of bikes you can bring them along.

Can I bring my own balance bike?

We provide all equipment until the children bring their own bikes with pedals but if your child has a favourite balance bike or helmet as long as they are ‘road’ worthy then bring them along.

When are your next courses running?

Please see our courses for our next courses running or click here to join our mailing list so you get an email when they are published.

I cannot make some of the dates does this matter?

The course is progressive so before a child moves on they need to master the basics. There is always a way around it though just give us a call.

My child can just about ride can he still join in?

Yes the course will build on and improve skills already gained and make for a more confident and skilful rider.