Ruby’s Mum

Following numerous failed attempts at riding without stabilisers, my daughter had lost her confidence and was very reluctant to even sit on a bike. She joined Groovy Riders Level 2 course and although she was a bit older than others in the group (a slight concern of mine) she really enjoyed it and was soon gliding on a balance bike.

She brought her pedal bike along to the last but one session and I will admit, I wasn’t convinced at that point that she was going to be riding solo by the end of the course.  I was wrong!  Ceri’s encouragement, patience and determination over those six sessions gave her the confidence to get on her bike and ride and now there’s no stopping her! My two younger children have just completed the Level 1 course with Ceri and all three now love going out cycling together. They’re spending more time outdoors than they ever have! Ceri is an absolute star and I can’t recommend Groovy Riders highly enough.

Lizzie’s Mum

My daughter attended a class last summer – she was really struggling to get to grips with cycling, but everything came together during the 5 day course – she finally got the hang of it on day 5. The course had a mixed range of abilities and ages, and I would say that my daughter was at the bottom end of both and hence was one of the last to get it – however she enjoyed the whole course as it was done in a very supportive and positive manner. Would definitely recommend.

Matilda’s Mum

Highly recommended, Matilda (7) had struggled to ride. Ceri broke the whole process down, with specialised bikes and made it enjoyable and safe. Matilda now rides most days and is confident even without supervision.

Will’s Mum

I just wanted to say what a terrific course Balanceability is! For his 3rd birthday Will got a balance bike and was quick to pick up the idea of it. We watched in fear as he sped around the local area and soon realised he lacked skill and techniques. This course gave him the opportunity, in a safe environment, to learn skills such as steering and stopping. We now have a 1st class ‘glider’ and we know there will be no stopping him when it comes to making the next step to pedals. Thank you.

Annabella’s Mum

I was amazed when my 4 year old daughter who had been reluctant to ride her balance bike at home, began riding her balance bike with confidence on the first week and within a couple of sessions she had progressed to actually riding a pedal bike. I put this down to the fun and confident manner in which the sessions are coordinated and run. Now she can cycle to the park unaided while I help her younger brother scoot along behind her.

Nicola- Foundation leader, Mayflower School, Leicester

Balanceability looked like a fun, inventive workshop for children in the early years. Knowing that it would support children with their gross motor skills we had to get involved. The children at Mayflower primary school loved the sessions. Progress was evident and the parents continually gave excellent feedback. I would definitely recommend Balanceability to any early years setting. I know we will be rebooking in future years. Thank you Ceri 🙂

Sophia’s Dad

We chose to book our daughter into Ceri’s Balanceability course after recommendation from a friend. We were struggling and fast losing patience trying to teach Sophia to ride her bike ourselves.

After the first week, Sophia loved going to the course and looked forward to attending each week. Ceri made the whole process simple and easy and in no time at all, just a matter of a handful of lessons, Sophia was riding on her own with confidence.

Now, Sophia loves riding her bike and wants to go cycling whenever possible.

Thanks Ceri!